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RC Expert dog Adult M 4kg

Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Lowfat Dry Dog 6kg

Zignature Ziggy Bars Kangaroo Formula Dog

zignature whitefish formula ziggy bars

RM 132.50Add to CartRM 258.00Out of StockRM 25.00Out of StockRM 25.00Out of Stock

NurturePRO Longevity coconut immune support (80g)

NurturePRO Longevity papaya digestive support (80g)

NurturePRO Longevity ginger gut health support (80g)

NurturePRO Longevity catnip weight management (80g)

RM 5.00Add to CartRM 5.00Add to CartRM 5.00Add to CartRM 5.00Add to Cart

Fido Pine Wood Cat Litter 10L

Clean 'N Easy Coarse Clumping Cat Litter 10L (Apple)

Clean 'N Easy Coarse Clumping Cat Litter 10L (Lemon)

Green Kat 100% Recycled Cat Litter 24L

RM 23.90Out of StockRM 24.60Out of StockRM 24.60Out of StockRM 63.60Out of Stock

Bio PetActive Biodent Hexidine 250ml

RM 20.00Out of Stock   

BioPetActive Bio-Eyes Tear Stain Remover 50ml

Petzpharma Cooling Eye Wash 100ml

RM 16.00Add to CartRM 27.70Out of Stock  

Natural Kitty ĘC Meaty Cube 100% Chicken & Pumpkin

Natural Kitty ĘC Meaty Cube 100% Mackerel 60g

Natural Kitty ĘC Meaty Cube 100% Tilapia 60g

Natural Kitty ĘC Meaty Cube 100% Chicken 60g

RM 10.00Out of StockRM 10.00Out of StockRM 10.00Out of StockRM 10.00Out of Stock

FIDO Dog Milk Goat Flavor Milk Powder For Puppies/Dogs

Petalac Kitten Milk Replacer 215g

Parie Goat Milk Powder for Cats & Kittens 500g


RM 45.45Out of StockRM 35.00Out of StockRM 72.00Add to CartRM 72.00Out of Stock

Petdiatric OatMilk Conditioning Shampoo (725ml)

Aniflea Anti-Flea Cat Shampoo 500ml

Bio PetActive Honey Cat Shampoo 400ml

Bio PetActive Aloe Vera Cat Shampoo 400ml

RM 49.00Add to CartRM 31.70Add to CartRM 21.90Out of StockRM 21.90Out of Stock

cat carrier bag (red)

cat carrier bag (blue)

RM 48.40Out of StockRM 48.40Out of Stock  

Beh & Yo Solutions - Small Animal Urine Stain Remover (250ml)

RM 20.60Out of Stock   

Bio PetActive Catnip Spray 100ml

RM 23.20Out of Stock   

PETdiatric Squalene NexD for cat & canine 30 softgels

BioPetActive Felilysine gel Supplement Cat 100ml

Vitalicat Vitamin paste for Kitten 100ml

Canvit BIOTIN Hair & Skin for cats 100g

RM 85.50Add to CartRM 39.80Add to CartRM 36.20Add to CartRM 46.00Out of Stock

BioPetActive Perfume Fancy spray 50ml

Bio-D PawPal Laundry Pet Hair Remover (4x Pet Hair Remover Balls)

Bio-D paw pal Pawpal Cat And Dog Repellent Spray

Tender kiss eye wipes

RM 19.90Add to CartRM 31.00Out of StockRM 20.50Out of StockRM 10.00Out of Stock

Cluvet ear medicce system odour buster (50ml)

Cluvet ear medicce system double action (50ml)

BioPetActive Ear Cleaning Solution for Cat and Dog 100ml

Biopetactive Biodent Hexidine Oral Dental Care 250ml

RM 31.50Add to CartRM 31.50Add to CartRM 17.00Add to CartRM 35.00Add to Cart

BioPetActive Vitamin Paste for Dog (L-Carnitine)Biotin 100ml

RM 34.90Add to Cart   

Frontline Spray 250ml

Frontline spray 100ml

Maru Goat Milk Powder for Kitten & Cats 20g

FF Petite Delights Grilled Salmon in gravy 50g

RM 95.00Add to CartRM 53.00Add to CartRM 4.15Out of StockRM 2.80Out of Stock

NurturePRO Longevity cranberries urinary support (80g)

NurturePRO Longevity pineapple hairball control (80g)

Anirid Wounds Treatment aerosol spray 120ml

Frontline Combo Spot-On Dog (L) 2.68mlx3

RM 5.00Add to CartRM 5.00Add to CartRM 21.90Add to CartRM 125.00Add to Cart

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