CINDY'S RECIPE Creamy Pouch (Wet Cat Food)

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CINDY'S RECIPE Creamy Pouch (Wet Cat Food)  Cat Food
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Cindy’s Recipe Creamy is simply irresistible.


Real tuna and chicken flakes finished in a mouthwatering CREAMY texture, your cats will be keen for more!


All servings are fortified with essential vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin E for a stronger immune system, Taurine for healthy vision & heart function and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) for healthy digestion & hairball control.



a. Grain-Free & real meat

b. Taurine for healthy vision & heart

c. FOS for healthy digestion & hairball control


Creamy Flavours available:


1. Tender Chicken with Flakes


2. Tender Chicken with Anchovy


3. Tender Chicken with White Fish


4. Silky Tuna with Flakes


5. Silky Tuna with Anchovy


6. Silky Tuna with Chicken


7. Silky Tuna with Fish Roe


8. Silky Tuna with Mackerel







Nekko Premium Cat Pouch origin from Japan and made in Thailand. It is produced from 100% real, fresh, premium tuna. The Tuna is well cooked which bring out great aroma & delicious taste which will be your cat's favorite meal. It contains necessity vitamin & mineral for the lovely cat and no preservatives.


The soft texture of the mousse helps the kitten to eat more easily. Through a meticulous production process. The aroma is seductive and delicious is one of the favorite Mummy 1 month and older without artificial flesh and no preservatives. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals for your beloved cat. Delicious food without a break over the plate.




1. Finest quality and savory aroma from real tuna and various kind of toppings.


2. Made from 100% real & fresh premium meat and fish.


3. Does not contain artificial colors, flavours and preservatives.


4. Delightful chunks of meats sets it apart from other pouch food brands, perfect for your cat's ultimate indulgence.

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